The Mediated-Body Lab is an interdisciplinary research laboratory aimed at creating a bridge between humanities, arts, and sciences to study the complex relationship between body, identity and technology. At the core of our research is exploring the impact of the human-machine co-evolution on both the societal and the indevidual levels. Addressing the complexities of these topics require multi-disciplinary efforts and in-depth cross-fertilization between of theory, methodologies, and practices. Typical outcomes of our work may take shape in the form of empirical studies, art installations, performances, workshops, and conferences.


Key themes of investigation:

  • Virtual Embodiment and Subjectivity

  • XR technologies for Social Change

  • XR technologies and Empathetic Practices

  • Posthumanism – a Societal Framework



BECOMING OTHER - Virtual Embodiment, blurring the Self Other Binary

PhD manuscript, Published December 10, 2020, Aalto University press / Link

Exposure to social suffering in VR boosts compassion and facial synchrony

Computers in Human Behavior, Published April, 2021 / Link


Virtual Embodiment using 180º Stereoscopic Video

Published: July 7, 2020 Frontiers in Psychology / Link

Can Art Aid in Resolving Conflicts? 100 Perspectives

Publisher: Frame Publishers (February 5, 2019)

ISBN-10: 9492311321 / Link

The Enemy's Gaze: Immersive Virtual Environments Enhance Peace Promoting Attitudes and Emotions in Violent Intergroup Conflicts.

Published: September 11, 2019 PLOS ONE / Link


Virtual Reality-based Conflict Resolution: The Impact of Immersive 360° Video on Changing View Points and Moral Judgment in the Context of Violent Intergroup Conflict

In Press, Accepted May 2020, New Media and Society


Meeting Yourself in Virtual Reality: A Performative Experiment in Self-Compassion

Published Leuven University Press, shifting Interfaces / Link

An Anthology of Presence, Empathy, and Agency in 21st Century Media Art

ISBN: 9789462702257, Publication: May 29, 2020, Languages: English

שלוש מחשבות על גוף

מעקף - כתב עת מקוון למחול, מיצג ותיאטרון חזותי / Link

Non-verbal Communication using BCI, Haptic Feedback and Dance

Proceedings of the 6th International Brain-Computer Interface Meeting, organized by the BCI Society / Link



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