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VISITORS | media installation | 2018

VISITORS | Created by Daniel Landau

Israel Museum, The Ruth Youth Wing
Curator: Shir Yamagutchi

In this installation, I invite visitors into a single living room that combines the home environments of two families. Although they live next to each other, the Arab family and Jewish family remain separate from one another, each in their own reality. Using virtual reality glasses you are able to ”meet” members of both families from up close, and hear from them about what connects and divides them. This installation allows you to examine the gaps between the families, to imagine a meeting between them, and to cross the boundary between the real and the virtual. 


Development: Samira Saraya / Research: Yair Sugarman / Camera: David Rudoy / Drone Operator: Aviv Kegen / Sound Designer: Daniel Meir / Room Design: Hagar Brotman / Prop-man: Ron Rochman / Industrial Design: Elad Ozeri / Code: Eitan Hayak , Sraya Harif / Translators: Abed Natour / QA: Emil Landau / Production Manager: Shahar Marcus / Production Assistant: Noga Rozman / Produced by ActiView 

Thanks to the Sabatin and Avidan-Levi families for their Hospitality





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