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One Dimensional Man | live media-performance, 60 min | 2008

A full-length media performance for 6 performers and projection masks.


Conceived and Directed by Daniel Landau | Director Assistant - Ariel Efraim Ashbal | Music - Daniel Meir & Michal O. Landau | Light Design - Jackie Shemesh | Stage & Costumes Design - Alona Rodeh | Industrial design: Ido Bruno | Producer: Mor Tregger


Performers: Ron Amit, Lior Avizur, Yuval Fingerman, Amit Hadari, Oren Kadosh, Roi Senderovich


‘On Screen’ Actors: Peter Charlton, Ingrid Evans, Michael Grinter, Gemma Harvey

Peter Henderson, Lydia Hourihan, Tony Howes, Pradeep Jeyaratnam, Katie-anna Whiting


Produced by OPLA Companya

With the support of:

Rabinovich Foundation, Stichting Levi Lassen, The Israeli Center for Digital Art


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