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Reside 1.1: Jessy Cohen | stage performance, 60 min | 2011

‘Reside’ is a documentary performance, exploring the relationship between people and place. It examines how displacement affects people’s core notion of body, time, and identity.  


The project extends documentary film conventions by using a process in which resident’s interviews are projected onto large masks operated by live performers. This physical-digital entity then migrates to various possible media ranging from stage, installation, and film. ‘reside 1.1’ takes the audience to “Jessy Cohen” - an immigrant neighborhood in the town of Holon (Israel). The neighborhood’s geographical location on the outskirts of the urban grid serves as a metaphor to its resident’s reality - a melting pot of immigrants from Arab countries, former Soviet Union and recent immigrants from Ethiopia. 



Concept by Daniel Landau & Jackie Shemesh

Directed by Daniel Landau | Choreography: Anat Danieli

Performed by: Haya Barshinsky, Yuval Fingerman, Tami Lebovits | Add. Development: Amit Hadari | Design: Jackie Shemesh | Costumes: Yaen Levi | Sound design: Daniel Meir | Production manager: Shahar Marcus | Produced by OPLA Companya with the support of the Digital Art Lab – Holon




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