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Time-Body Study | Performative Experiment | 2016

What would feel like to be in another person's body?

How would it affect our notion of others?

What can it tell us about ourselves?


Time-Body Study is a performative experiment exploring the impact re-embodiment in virtual reality has on the boundaries of body, identity, and self. In the experiment participants, wearing a virtual reality head-mounted display (HMD), are re-embodied in the body of a 7, 40 and 80-year-old person. ​

Created by Daniel Landau in collaboration with: Hai Cohen, Maya Magnat, Duffy Katz, Hedva Eltanani, Shani Bar.

Filmed actress: Ruti Tamir | Light: Nadav Barnea  Art: Shai Govhari | Producer: Shahar Marcus


Produced with the support of: 

Print-Screen Festival, Kelim - Choreography Center,  The Advanced Realty Lab, IDC Herzliya and the Oh-Man, Oh-Machine Research Group




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