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Dr. Daniel Landau is an entrepreneur, researcher, and media artist. His work resides at the intersection of art, technology, and science - exploring the complex relationship between body, identity, and technology. Daniel was born in Jerusalem. He started his professional career in the Netherlands as an active artist in the experimental media-art scene.  These were the early days of emerging digital culture, artists and entrepreneurs were imagining what will a network society look like? How will information shape human-agency? And what would be the societal impact of surveillance and data tracking technologies? Together with fellow artists, Daniel produced numerous electronic-music, performance-art, and installation projects. Creating art with technology at the same time critically exploring its impact on both a societal and individual level. After Daniel's return to Israel, he joined the Advanced Reality Lab at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, led by Prof. Doron Friedman. The Lab focuses on AI, VR, and BCI technologies - both from a low-level scientific perspective alongside a philosophical-intellectual perspective. Eventually, Daniel was seduced into empirical experiments, providing him deep insights into the human-technology co-evolution. Since then, as a behavioral scientist, his research focuses on the impact of virtual embodiment on the self-other binary. In 2020, Daniel earned his PhD at the Aalto University Media Lab and he is currently the Director of the INSEAD VR R&D hub. Daniel is married to voice artist and composer Michal Oppenheim Landau and they have three lovely kids.

Selected public talks & conference presentations

  • VR, the Ultimate Behavioral Lab / NYU Tel Aviv campus, May 2019

  • Immersive 360º video technology in the service of social neuroscience / Hebrew University, 2018

  • Virtual Embodiment and Self, Hybrid Labs Symposium / Aalto University, 2018

  • Time Body Study, invited talk / CalTech, 25-Jan-2017

  • Time Body Study, guest lecturer / Stanford University, 1-Feb-2017

  • Virtual Embodiment and the extended Self / UCLA, 20-Jan-2017

  • Moving Without A Body / National Library of Technology in Prague, 1-Jun-2016

  • The Reality of the Virtual, Invited talk / IDC Hertselia, Israel, 2015

  • Art, Technology & Well Being - Academic Conference, Invited talk / IDC Hertselia, Israel, 2015

  • Educating the Net-Generation” / Beit Berl Academic College, 2015

  • Art & Community” / Seminar HaKibutsim, Tel Aviv, Israel / 2015

  • Body in Performance Arts & Beyond / Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel, 2014

  • Is Mind Change The New Climate Change? / “State On The Net”, Trieste, Italy, 2014

  • Posthumanism in Media History, Chair, “OH-MAN, OH-MACHINE” / Tel Aviv University, 2014

  • The Rhetorics of the Projected Image / Beit Berl Academic College, Tel Aviv, Israel, April 2011


Selected performances and exhibitions

  • 2020 Wind Over Water | Reflective Light Installation, Tel Aviv

  • 2019 Self-Study_02 | Open Lab performance, CCA, Tel Aviv

  • 2018 Visitors | media installation, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

  • 2017 Self-Study_01 | VR performance, B3 Film Festival, Frankfurt

  • 2016 The Perfect [Post] Human | Video Installation, The Round House, London

  • 2016 Time-Body Study | Re-embodiment VR experiment, Shenzhen, China

  • 2016 Time-Motion Study | 360 ° video 4:15 | The James Gallery NYC

  • 2015 Iso Tori Game | Site-specific performance & Installation, Nakanojo Biennale, Japan

    • Cave Study | Virtual Reality Installation, Tel Aviv Museum, Tel Aviv

    • I’ll be Right Back | Media Installation, Dance piece w/ Iris Erez, Suzan Dalal, Tel Aviv

  • 2014 Reside 1.4 Mount Zion-Darfur | Interactive installation, Art Port, Tel Aviv

    • Ceci n'est pas une narguilé | Video projected on the building, Site-specific, Akko

    • Street Goblins | Hand made tapestry series, P8 Gallery, Tel Aviv


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